Cubase 13.0.30 crashes when switching to regular Track font

When I enable the new regular font in Track display Cubase crashes. Same with Nuendo.

Doesn’t happen on my system. Mac, Monterey.

I’m on MAC Sonoma 14.4

Hi @Ted_Perlman2,

I hope you are doing well!

If you could send me the crashlog, we will have a look at it. It sounds unusual that just using a different font (regular instead of bold) is crashing your system.

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Just checked here on Sonoma 14.4/M2 Pro, no crash going back and forth from Bold to Regular.

No crashes here, Sonoma 14.4 and M2 Max.


No crashing on font change with Win and Mac. Haven’t tested Linux version of Cubase yet though. I’ll report back to you on that in a decade or two.

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Oddly enough, I didn’t even realize that bold was the default until I checked that this morning… Prior to the update, I thought the GUI was ok, but it was a little ‘bright’ at times. Whatever they did, mellowed those track names out so much, I did not even realize that was a bold font. When I swapped it to the regular this morning I went ‘ewww’ and changed it right back so I could read it more comfortably hah.

It’s doing lots of weird things. Having the non-bold font results in weird graphic errors like the mute button being red instead of yellow. The solo button turning into a D that I can’t turn off. Selecting tracks that are muted turns off the mute, which also can sometimes be red or yellow. After that I could open any folder.

Thumbs up to Monterey, Sonoma 14.4 is a real dog and breaks so much, eg:

Bugs include: USB, printing, printing, PACE & iLok, iCloud, 1Password, along with refusal to mount NVME PCIe disks in some cases.

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Is it possible to go back to 13.3?

Not even remotely close to all cases…
Its been running fine here since beta at home, and at work on several different machines. YMMV.

Pace/iLok only affects Audio Units and Logic Pro in particular… Considering it hasn’t done anything to VST plugins or other hosts, I think its safe to say Logic has its own issues to address, yet again…

Search the manual for “solo defeat”. There is a description on how to turn it on/off.

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You can download Monterey from the Apple Store and install it.
But you cannot downgrade to a macOS version earlier than the one that came preinstalled with your Mac .

Where do I find the crashlog?

Just open “Console” and select “Crash Reports” in the left panel. You will then get a list of the latest crashes. If there is anything about Cubase, please send it over.

“Console”? What is that and where is it?

It’s a pre-installed app by Apple in your macOS. Just search for “Console”.

Got it. But it doesn’t seem to keep earlier ones. It only has the most recent Nuendo crash from yesterday. I’ve been getting crashes on both Cubase and Nuendo since installing 13.0.30 on both programs. Ugh. I just keep going back and forth hoping one of them becomes stable for me. Do you want the Nuendo crash log or should I wait until Cubase crashes today and send you that?

Just installed latest Mac OS from today 14.4.1. Running Cubase 13.0.30 with the regular font. Good so far. I’ll keep you up to date Matthias.

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