Cubase 13.0.30 mixer scrollbar

Hi all,
Opened Cubase this morning and the scrollbar on the bottom is gone.
Did I change a setting?

kinda hard to tell from the picture, but isn’t it just that the zoom is so narrow there is nothing to scroll? Pressing the H button should zoom out and it will re appear?

Hi Glenn,
There should be 122 channels visible

, including group and fx. But there is no scroll barso what I see is the first 40 channels.

The channels seen in your screenshot, what zone are they assigned to?
Note that only channels in the center zone are scrollable.


As I can see a free space on the right side, I expect, there is no need for the scrollbar.

Another option… We are seeing the Right Zone, which is full of channels. The Zones don’t have the scrollbar at all.

Check they are ticked in the Channel visibility tab.

Or check that they aren’t filtered out in the drop-down selection next to “Configurations” up top.

Hi all,
Thanks for your input, problem solved!!
I have 104 instrument tracks, in the mixer visibility left, 13 group tracks, in the mixer visibility middle, and 5 fx tracks mixer visibility right.
Changed everything to the middle and scrollbar is visible again.

But Martin, is there no better solution for this problem?

Thanks again.


Unfortunately, there is no scrollbar for the Left and Right Zone since this has been introduced. It had been requested Nancy times. So I’m afraid there is no workaround but lower the number of the channels in the Left/Right Zone.

… or use Mixer 2 to show the FX channels, Mixer 3 for Groups, and so on. That is basically why there are 4 mixers in Cubendo.


Martin, thanks.

That’s what I have done meanwhile. Mixer 1 instrument tracks, mixer 2 group tracks and fx tracks.


Or use the Visibility Agent to switch the views.

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