Cubase 13.0.30 still does not render video

v13.0.30 says it fixed a number of video issues. However, on my Windows 10 PC (all latest Win patches, but still Win 10), Cubase 13 does not render the video in the Video Player (F8). I just get an empty black window. The same source works fine on this PC in Cubase 12 and the video plays fine.
PC is somewhat low spec in that the “GPU” is only the internal Intel HD Graphics 4600 of the main CPU, which is an i5-4570 (4 cores) @3.20 GHz, with SSD drive and 32 GB RAM. But in all other regards the PC is working correctly. Again: Cubase 12 works fine and the video player renders without issue. Cubase 13 remains broken, as it has been since release, making it useless for any project where a video file is needed.