Cubase 13.0.30 : Your System Has Run Out of Memory Message (Mac)


okay, here is a fun one.

I just closed out of a bigger orchestral project and let cubase sit without any project loaded, browsing the web and creating a script in apple shortcuts. Suddenly, I get this application termination notice and the “your system has run out of memory” message. How did Cubase allocate so much memory without having anything loaded???


Ok, so this is also partly my fault. A command line app that I was using in my script was also occupying 200GB of RAM for some reason. FFmpeg if you’re curious. I have quit the app now. But still I am amazed at Cubase’s memory usage even without anything opened…

If I launch Cubase Pro 13 only(not loading a project) it uses about 320 MB of RAM. If I open an medium project, RAM usage increases to 3 GB. If I close all Cubase windows, it goes down to 1.77 GB.
So you better quit Cubase if you need all your RAM.
Come to think of it, I’ve always wondered why Cubase doesn’t have a proper ‘Close Project’ option.

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