Cubase 13.0.4 works. Finally!

As well as for composing / recording, I use Cubase Pro to run the backing tracks for my livestream performances on YouTube. Prior to each show, I would preload the backing tracks and activate each one in turn, a fairly simple, seamless and reliable procedure. Up to Cubase 12, it had alway just been a case of installing the updates / upgrades and keep on going. When Cubase 13 was released, I thought no more of it and installed it in time for my next show. That’s when I ran into an endless litany of ‘stability issue’ crashes which persisted all the way through to Cubase Pro 13.0.3. So much so that I went back to using Cubase Pro 12.0.7 for my livestream performances

So it was with some trepidation that I installed the 13.0.4 update and was pleasantly surprised when everything ran smoothly. Thank you, Steinberg!