Cubase 13.0.40 - Any further GUI refinements?

The one thing that has worried me the most with C13 is the GUI changes from C12 (not to my liking).
But I registered with the 13.0.30 update there was some “movement” in the right direction.

Are there any further refinements with the newest 13.0.40 update?

Without a personal drama I have decided to stay on C12 for now… and to check in on C13 on every new update, to see in which direction the GUI changes will go.
More towards my liking… or the other way around???

PS. I’m away from my studio computers through the weekend… But I got to curious to NOT ask the question :wink:


I’m not aware of any GUI change in Cubase 13.0.40.

But if you own the license already, it’s worth to install the update.

I will over the weekend… As I said, I was curious but out of town for the weekend :wink: