Cubase 13.0.40. crashing randomly all the time!

As title says, I updated today Cubase to the 13.0.40. version, and I’ve had over 20 crashes, all of which seem to happen randomly. Please help me out here. I’m using MacBook Pro M1 Max and MacOS Monterey @Martin.Jirsak
Crashes (526.2 KB)

Cubase 13-2024-06-07-193942.ips (585.0 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-06-07-193119.ips (567.1 KB)
Two more times since posting…

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FWIW, I find such behaviour nearly always related to 3rd party plug-ins. In any case, try this:

  1. update all of your 3rd party plugs to latest version.
  2. drag your Cubase prefs to the desktop (only to keep and copy and templates that may have been created.
  3. Start Cubase & let it build all of its preferences from scratch.
  4. move your old templates folder into the new preferences folder; open a recent session to import or copy audio routings setting etc.

Failing all of that, start up cubase without any 3rd party plugins.

Cubase 13.0.40 isn’t supported on Catalina:

Thanks for replies guys, but can anyone read crash logs so I can see what is the culprit?

Sorry, I meant Monterey.

Cubase 13-2024-06-09-025556.ips (595.7 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-06-09-015434.ips (268.0 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-06-09-012440.ips (255.5 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-06-09-010703.ips (248.2 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-06-09-001023.ips (247.7 KB)

Another day, another batch of crashes. Please, can someone just read these logs so I can see what is causing this?

I’m I really not gonna get reply from anyone who can read these logs? @Martin.Jirsak


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


This is a known issue in Cubase 13.0.40.

This happens if there is the Meter Bridge set to Wave instead of PPM and you close MixConsole (or the Project). So far the only solution is to switch the meters to Wave.

This issue is going to be fixed soon in the hotfix.

Hi all,

I read this forum, all divers problem on C-13. My computer is :
Processeur 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13900K 3.00 GHz

CPU Specifications

Total Cores : 24
Performance-cores : 8
Efficient-cores : 16

Total Threads : 32
Max Turbo Frequency : 5.80 GHz
Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost Frequency : 5.80 GHz
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency ‡ : 5.70 GHz
Performance-core Max Turbo Frequency : 5.40 GHz
Efficient-core Max Turbo Frequency : 4.30 GHz
Performance-core Base Frequency 3.00 GHz
Efficient-core Base Frequency : 2.20 GHz
Cache 36 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Total L2 Cache 32 MB

RAM 32,0 Go
Windows 11 - 64 bits
Sound card Steinberg UR44 : Work with conf : 88200 - 24kBit
When open one empty project this yoyo on my resources :

Exactly problem, Cubase close no crash dump or 1/3, and tic when read project with piste freezed ^^

After other config, viewmeter is not applied :

In the console view not change, even after reload cubase :

Best regards,


This K-12 meter setting…

And this is a Digital Scale meter.

Make the settings for the Digital Scale, if you are using it in the Control Room, please.


The hotfix has been released.