CUBASE 13.0.40 on Mac crashes with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

C13.0.40 has improved a few thing, true, but in my case forced me to very quickly go back to C13.0.30. Any attempt to add Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 as VST makes C13.0.40 immediately explode. And I have a project with 62 instances of VEP7 and 700+ tracks. I am lucky I could go back to 13.0.30 or I would get stuck in no-work space. The reports were sent to Steinberg and VEP7 is up to date. I hope this serious bug will be corrected soon.
As suggested by Martin Jirsak I attach the latest crash report.
Cubase 13-2024-06-09-145327.ips (112.3 KB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


This is a known issue in Cubase 13.0.40.

This happens if there is the Meter Bridge set to Wave instead of PPM and you close MixConsole (or the Project). So far the only solution is to switch the meters to Wave.

This issue is going to be fixed soon in the hotfix.

Hi Matin,
Thank you. I will wait for this fix.

I didn’t realize we are able to downgrade to earlier C13 versions. How were you able to do that if I may ask? Thanks


If you are on Windows, just find the system Windows Uninstall and uninstall the update (i.e. 13.0.40).

On Mac, you have to remove the Application and install the older one.

Thank you for the reply and info.

Not necessarily. I have the tendency to keep all upgrades just in case (like the one I have described earlier) and the procedure on Mac is very simple. Rename your C13.040 from Cubase to Cubase 13.040 and hide it in an additional folder (I created a “Cubase Hide” years ago in Applications). Then install C13.0.30 and that is it.

this only works though if you still have a copy of the old version… I didn’t so was stuck as there’s no way to down load 13.03.



The hotfix has been released.

Thanks. That was quick.

Oh I just read this. :frowning:
So I can’t downgrade if I don’t have a physical file installer of 13.0.3 if I read that correctly ? Darn. I downloaded straight from the Steinberg downloader app and was given 13.0.40 automatically.


There is no reason to downgrade. The hotfix has been released already.

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Oh ok. I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for the info and replies. I wonder if it may help with the issues I’m having. Here’s to hoping … :crossed_fingers: