Cubase 13.30-.41, laggy gui

Hello all!

M2 MacBook Pro 64gb, 1tb, OSX Ventura lastest version.

I did find a problem but not sure how to solve it.

when I make a automation for one of Kontakt instrument ( to change some values) all of the sudden it becomes very laggy. mixer view, arrangement view, all gui are laggy but audio plays fine.

anybody know how to solve this problem? I believe Kontakt is up to date.

let me know.

forgot to add.

when I click R (read) button to disable it, everything becomes fine again. when I enable it again, it becomes laggy again.


Do you use any remote device? What kind of? Is it MIDI Remote, Mackie Control, NI Kontrol…?

I use analog lab essential mk3, NI M32 → both can control cubase but these midi controllers are not usually connected as I use 88 key (no transport function) as main keyboard. also installed Faderport V2 script but for now it’s not shown.

so basically I don’t really use any remote device for now, sometimes I use IC pro on my phone when I need to track some instruments but other than that no.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup window?

ok here it is. I’m on vacation till Wednesday but I brought my laptop to work on something. (sorry I might be slow replying your post.)


What kind of parameter(s) do you automate, please?

Does it happen only with NI Kontakt plug-in, or does it happen if you try to automate any parameter?