Cubase 13.5/14 Request. Audition Button

Next to the solo/mute buttons on each track have an audition button (A).
Clicking this would play the track soloed for a user preset range.
Sometimes I am not sure which part of a song a particular track is so I will solo the track and play it. Firstly to hear the particular instrument and then may have to look to a section of the song with many events in it to have a true idea what part of the song this track forms. This is particularly true with tracks using many atmospheric sounds and piano’s.
So once you record your track you would use a new tools “Audition Range” to select a section of the song. Then when you hit the A button you will hear only this part. I dont think there is anything similar to this and this may not interest anyone else :slight_smile: However if there is a way to do something like this with macro’s etc I would love to know how.
Would be nice if song position zoomed to the range also.

  • Yes I’m in.
  • No its a pants idea.
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This is a nice idea.

Perhaps to make it easier we could simply have a key command or global button that can be toggled to change the behaviour of the solo button.

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