Cubase 13 always "expand sections exclusively" on mixer issue

the tabs(inserts, sends, strip etc…) on C13 mixconsole always are on expand exclusive state, even when unchecked . a bug or only on my system ?

EDIT: on the new “channel tab” its working as expected

Now its OK somehow , maybe after a restart !

I am having the same issue and mine is not fixed even after a restart.

actually i did some moves before i had a crash and then restart.
if i remember well, i tried to check/uncheck the exclusive from the “strip” tab, then C13 crashed haha… then after restart it worked

Lol would be a cool trick if I could figure out how to get mine to crash.

if not now, maybe you will be lucky enough to have a crash on next maintenance update

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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a workaround, if the restarts fail:

just open “MixConsole 3” under “Studio” one time + suddenly the “open-close-bug” is gone - now i have opened inserts/sends/strips etc. in all mixers!


Didn’t work for me. :frowning:

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Err, I’ve noticed that with a C12 project in C13, the option for the miconsole slots doesn’t work. But with new projects in 13, it works. Probably that 12 → 13 mixconsole known incompatibility issue?

I don’t have 12 but in 13 I have at least one project where the main Mix Console seems stuck in Expand Exclusively (even though it’s unchecked). All other Consoles are fine as are other old projects (v11 etc). Not sure if my issue is this this one project but I will be checking more.

Wow, this also fixed large delays when deleting instrument’s additional outputs and increased the speed of enabling/disabling tracks a lot. What kind of dark magic is this?