Cubase 13 always "expand sections exclusively" on mixer issue

the tabs(inserts, sends, strip etc…) on C13 mixconsole always are on expand exclusive state, even when unchecked . a bug or only on my system ?

EDIT: on the new “channel tab” its working as expected

Now its OK somehow , maybe after a restart !

I am having the same issue and mine is not fixed even after a restart.

actually i did some moves before i had a crash and then restart.
if i remember well, i tried to check/uncheck the exclusive from the “strip” tab, then C13 crashed haha… then after restart it worked

Lol would be a cool trick if I could figure out how to get mine to crash.

if not now, maybe you will be lucky enough to have a crash on next maintenance update

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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a workaround, if the restarts fail:

just open “MixConsole 3” under “Studio” one time + suddenly the “open-close-bug” is gone - now i have opened inserts/sends/strips etc. in all mixers!

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Didn’t work for me. :frowning:

Err, I’ve noticed that with a C12 project in C13, the option for the miconsole slots doesn’t work. But with new projects in 13, it works. Probably that 12 → 13 mixconsole known incompatibility issue?