Cubase 13 and Beta Tester

Hello to you,

First of all, thank you for this fabulous forum where we can read the truth rather than seeing sponsored influencers extolling the merits of Cubase 13 on You Tube. Basically you are all hard at work finding out what is wrong with this 13 rework, I wonder why you should pay for this upgrade! In fact you should get paid.

I have been working on Cubase since 1999 and I now remember why I stayed on Cubase 5 for 15 years.

I won’t teach anyone what it costs to have a worthy audio server. In my case i7 11700, Z590, 64gb of RAM, RTX3060, 3x M2 SSD, cooling, 4 monitors including 2 4K, Converters and everything that goes with it.
I think we can agree on $4 to $5,000.

I have never, even with Steinberg’s support, been able to resolve the HiDPi problems on Cubase 12 Pro. There were doubts about my motherboard, I changed it. There were doubts about my video card, I changed it. There were doubts about my version of Windows, I ran 2 operating systems for 6 months. Finally I settled for a compromise resolution that literally took my eyes out after 4 hours of work. I see C13 arriving with no mention of correction on this problem.

In truth we are laboratory rats. Rats who buy hardware and software at high prices and are the subjects of endless testing and patching.

Thank you all for your comments on C13, I will abstain.
I think, now that I’m able to do music instead of computing, keep my C12Pro for the next 15 years.

Kind regards and I will continue to read this forum regardless.