Cubase 13 and Gen 13/14 Intel

Wondering if Cubase 13 handles gen 13 and 14 chips better. I recall Cubase 12 having issues and SB recommending parking the cpu cores, or at least something like that. Hoping 13 has managed this better. Any info on this?

I just build my new PC, 3 weeks ago Asus Rog Hero + i9 14gen with C13.30 on Win 11 and for now all works great, very stable. I’ve set all to default (no overclocking).
The Cubase CPU meters are slightly shaky but nothing to concern :slight_smile:

I just ran a few project and def v13 does not jump around like v12 does. For some reason v12 on my pc is constantly jumping, even on simple projects. But in 13 it’s very stable so far. Keeping fingers crossed.

Can anyone with experience of them under Cubase recommend an AMD processor instead?

I really don’t like the idea of a few of really powerful cores with a whole bunch of bargain basement cores tacked on. I’d prefer 4, 6 or 8 straightforward cores of equal capability for a DAW. I’d also prefer 4 cores at 4GHz than 4 cores at 5GHz “sometimes” accompanied by 8 cores trotting along behind at 1 or 2GHz (depending), as seems to be the pattern of recent Intel offerings.

AMD works great for Cubase, every version. I have a 5900x system with Asus x570 system. I build a 7950x system with Asus x670 for my buddy. Both are very stable systems. I have a Radeon graphics card on my system and my buddy got a super cheap basic Nvidia card

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I’m running a Geekom A7 mini with fresh installs of CB11, CB12 and a CB13 trial.
AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS 8 core (16T),
32 gb Dual-channel DDR5 5600MT/s,
AMD Radeon Graphics 780M
All good so far but have not pushed CB13 yet!

Thanks for that info, and my apologies to @auggybendoggy3 if I have hijacked the thread :bowing_man:

As a longtime Intel fan, I am also looking for a good CPU for my next build, and I’m not liking what I’m hearing about gen 13 and 14 Intel chips for DAW use, to the extent that I’m considering AMD instead. I don’t think it’s necessarily only Cubase that has an issue with this P+E core architecture, but it does seem that Cubase may still have issues with too many cores. Personally I’d prefer fewer, but faster cores anyway, but of course it depends on your use case.