Cubase 13 and Ozone 11 Reference - causes Cubase to crash


I have a major problem when trying to use the reference track feature of Ozone 11 Advanced with Cubase 13 on a windows PC. I can successfully load a reference track in to Ozone 11 and the project will work normally. However when enable the reference track and press play Cubase crashes and shuts down completely.

I have ensured that the reference track is the sample and bit rate of the project. I have also tried in an empty project with only ozone 11 loaded on the stereo out with no other plugins and tracks loaded. Same result every time!

I had the same problem with this feature in Ozone 10 too and gave up trying to use it. Since then I have had a complete new install of Windows and ALL my plugins and the fault has remained.

I used to get the error message shown below before Cubase crashed but now it just shuts down completely

The crash dump shows :Access violation - code c0000005

Izotope told me to run as administrator but this made now difference at all!

Just wondered if anybody else either has this function working on a PC or experiences the same fault?

Many Thanks.
Cubase crash message


As you can see from the message, the occurred in Ozone 11.dll file, so in the plug-in. It looks like you are using VST2 version. Is there is VST3, I would recommend to use VST3.

Make sure, you have the latest update of the plug-in installed.

If yes and it’s still crashing, get in contact with iZotope, please.

Thanks for the reply but it is definitely a vst3 plugin. I have manually removed all VST2 plugins from my system.


I have read the message again. It’s in the iZotopeOzone11Core.dll. So it’s some kind of Ozone internal core library.

In any case, it’s in the plug-in.