Cubase 13 and VEPro - no delay compensation?

I have Cubase 13 on a Mac Studio with VEPro as a local (same machine) slave. Buffer latency while playing live/recording is what it is - I’m on VEPro’s ‘1 Buffer’ setting and My Cubase interface is at 384 samples, so not terrible.
It used to be that when I was done recording and quantised a kick/snare to the grid they would replay back Kontakt sounds from VEP perfectly because of Cubase’s Plugin Delay compensation. But now the sounds play back from VEP an audible amount after the click - just a little late - 30ms or so.
If I open the same sound in Kontakt within Cubase then the sounds are dead on the click - as you’d expect and as it used to be only recently.

I thought plugins like the VEP plugin had a ‘look ahead’ delay adjust that made things play back exactly where you should hear them?
Have I messed up a preference somewhere? In C13 or in VEP?
Can Plugin Delay Compensation be switched off accidentally?

I know about the Constrain Delay Compensation - enabling/disabling this has no effect on the delay I can hear. Also getting the same issue in C12 - wonder if it’s a VEP thing…

Have you checked this on?

Hi thanks - I just checked and it’s switched on…

I tried a restart of the Mac - it’s still lagging behind on playback. All I’ve done recently that’s different is install a couple of plugins.

Can anyone think of another reason the connection to VEPRO (on the same computer) might be behind??!!

Am I right in sating that the Cubase Plugin Delay Compensation is all under-the-hood?