Cubase 13 - any improvements to Midi Remote?

Does the new Cubase version include any improvements to the Midi Remote feature?

All news in C13 are on the HP - so read it.

@slowhand73 English, bitte. :wink:

No. None. Only minor (bug) fixes, if any.

Several shortcomings in MIDI Remote were highlighted at the release of version 12 and customers were told to have patience as it was a “work in progress”. It would come as a great surprise to me if nothing was done to it in version 13, some 18 months later.

Thanks for the replies. Appreciated.

Yeah this is why I asked, because I have not seen mentions of any improvements and this was hard to believe for me, as this feature has so much potential but seems unfinished (I feel the same way about expression maps too)

So I wondered hopefully whether they have snuck in some improvements but just not talked about it yet.

Personally, I found the listed improvements and features in C13 are all very cool, and a few I would certainly use if I had them, but as it is I don’t feel convinced to bother upgrading from 12. Improvements to Midi Remote on their own would have done that though.



Yeah, but thats what it is… nothing was done. If there would be something major, then it would me greatly surprise, if it is not highlighted in the release notes after some 18 month later. So… it is safe to say, no improvements where made.

Personally i am very pissed about this “bunti clicki” C13 update and it will not change my mood. I feel ripped off.

I suppose you are new to Cubase. It’s not uncommon that additions to the MIDI remote API weren’t mentioned on the homepage / in the release notes.

It does. Jochen Trappe just posted them 2 days ago, see here:

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Thanks for the info, I hadn’t seen this!

I was happy with my Roland A800Pro using Mackie control, everything that I wanted except pan controls. MIDI remote is very bad software, very hard for a musician to implement, and just screwed up what I had. The right thing Steiny could could do is give me the option to disable it. At this point, I am afraid to upgrade to 13!