Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

Difficult to assess indeed, anyhow a good question/consideration.
I wonder if Steinberg has any statistics on this …

And I have another question:
How many dump files a day are sent to Steinberg (you know, after a Cubase unexpected shut down)?
I guess that must be a lot of dmp files and I wonder if the main effort for the next Cubase shouldn’t aim at drastically reducing the Cubase crash/freeze/hang numbers …

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There is plenty for folks who don’t bother with designing their own sounds. Halion’s got 30GB of crap to use, Groove Agent has a few GB (for the SE version at least, don’t own the full one, Halion SE has its own bunch, Retrologue, etc… If the instruments you use don’t, then talk to the dev about putting in more bread and butter presets to use with your favorite toys.

Just load up an instrument, pick your preset and go, if that’s how you get your work done. No one is forcing anyone to create patches or even go into the editors.

Celemony - Melodyne are in a pretty good position in that there aren’t that many companies making similar software - plus melodyne is, depending on what version you go for a comparable price to Cubase.

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My old good i7-4770 never had problems… Maybe the 13700 and E cores have issues…

i7 third generation here (more than 10 years old Toshiba Qosmio gamer notebook, with upgraded RAM and SSD) and still running flawlessly C12 pro, hopefully for some more years.

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:slight_smile: I now wish for Cubase (??) PRO to go the route of ipadOS! :slight_smile: Steinberg needs to take action as Resolve and Premier Pro already have done so, and go fully xrOS !! :wink: I neeeeed to be fully immersed in Supervision, a fully 360 visualization and mixing environment of Atmos/binaural. Events and mixers everywhere!! go go ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh heck, please no. The last thing we need is cubase running on another OS. First fix most of the things on the currently used OS’s.


I have never understood how Apple users can be so accepting of intentional incompatibilities introduced by the vendor. It seems like every few months now, it has become necessary for application providers to produce new releases just to make up for the planned obsolescence forced by Apple’s strategy. As a person who uses Windows, Android and Linux, I take some umbrage at this Apple forcing app suppliers to spend so much of their development resources making up for Apple’s continued unwillingness to provide a baseline level of compatibility. I’d much rather see Steinberg and others spend their limited development resources on things that actually benefit the customer.


Beside when they changed the architecture (and still worked trough Rosetta 2) all the plugins worked perfectly fine for me altrough they were not updated or supported on new OS versions. I am using a MAC since 10 years ago. It’s actually convenient for plugin developers to sell us this idea so we can pay. A new version of Cubase or any other program means money from each user wants the latest DAW.

I wouldn’t say this was convenient for plugin devs. Most (if not all?) plugin vendors did the compatibility update for free. So they basically worked their asses off for free, just because Apple did what they did. Also Cubases compatibilty was somehow “included”, there was no paid update only for compatibility reasons. Compared to Apple, Windows improved its security structure significantly without having big compatibilty issues. Heck I can run mostly the same plugins on Win11 I did on Win 7.

They poop on their customers with their planned update obsolescence crap and closed system mentality and people still buy their products. I’ll never understand that.

PS: That comes from someone who also used apple products and worked 15 years in the IT sector dealing with PC support, repairs, etc.


Lol, that is exactly their job.


I echo this.


It seems to me that most of the people complaining here are Apple users, which is ironic because part of the premise for paying Apple 3X what the same hardware costs when used with other OSes is that Apple controls the platform better in order to avoid compatibility issues. Seems like the opposite is true. Worst of both worlds: pay 2X-3X more and end up with more problems.

That’s not to say everything is always perfect on Windows systems, but it sure seems like Windows users don’t have as many struggles.


The whole reason I moved to Apple was because of the tedium on Windows of of having to constantly find out what was causing problems. I’m glad I moved. This is just my experience, but from my point of view Apple hardware, whether Intel or Apple silicon, has been on balance a much smoother ride.



Yeah, got a brand new M2 Pro Mini to replace the old Intel this weekend and STILL no complaints here.

I dont know anybody paying 3x the price of a PC for an Apple either. My M2 Pro Mini was $1000 and change. To get a comparable PC with decent (non-Intel) graphics and anything but an i3 CPU is roughly the same price if not more. I actually bought two, the Pro for me, the base model for her, and paid less than some “gaming” rigs and laptops. Love how my CPU meter dropped to nothing in Cubase.

Nobody here is Sony or Universal, most folks arent buying Mac Pros anymore…


Macbook M1 Pro - Best machine I’ve had in years! No fault finding like I have to do on a windows machine. So simple, and efficient. Love it.

Makes me laugh when you see people wanting to divide a userbase purely on the aspect of what hardware they’ve purchased.

I could claim that more Fender guitar owners are complaining because I own a Gibson. Howabout Focusrite users saying that UAD users have more problems? It’s really pointless to divide people up in this way…


I’m not trying to divide anybody. But I have seen endless complaints from Apple users about how Cubase doesn’t work with Apple’s latest OS version or Cubase doesn’t do something correctly with large displays on Apple. It seems rather arrogant of Apple to arbitrarily deprecate applications.

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Yep, definitely true. No trying to divide anything here, just talking about facts. Most of the people who had serious performance and stability problems were mac users. Just check topics with the issue tag from Cubase 10 onwards. I mean, use whatever you want, but compatibility has never been a strength of Apple products or closed systems in general.

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Most of the problems on Mac don’t stem from problems created by Apple.

Steinberg built Cubendo with their idea of a visually unified app across both windows and macOS, but this involved not using standard Mac interface design…

So we have text that is too big for text boxes, text that is probably white on a white background so doesn’t show up unless highlighted, dropdown menu’s that run off the borders of your screen and so can’t be accessed easily, bad file dialogue boxes, areas (such as the inspector) that don’t open big enough to show everything in them, non standard window behaviour, media file access that doesn’t adhere to standard Mac practice… lots of basic OS stuff that ‘just works’ in every other app, doesn’t in cubendo because of unnecessary meddling. And its been like this since day 1.

Other than all the unfinished or half baked features that are common across all platforms, there are no major issues that are Mac specific I’ve come across.

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But this happens to all Mac users? I genuinely don’t know and I’m really curious, I’ve been in windows all my professional life, but I would be surprised if this was the case, as cubendo would surely been unusable on Mac and would have been long gone from the user’s options. I’ve never worked in Cubase or Nuendo in Mac.