Cubase 13 - Any word on new update cycle?

It would be good if Steinberg accept installment payments for their products.
Just like Ableton let us pay in 3 installments.

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interestingly , i remember there was a leak of Cubase 12 (or 11) beta tester PDF at the time 'and there was “vector graphics” feature in there, but eventually it didn’t make it to final release, and now its not mentioned on Cubase 13 leaked feature set too :thinking:
probably this week or the next we will see the full feature set of C13

MacOS Sonoma comes out next week. Hopefully C13 is ready to go so they can just get that over with on day 1 heh.

I’m having a hard time finding many new features in this listing. How many previous versions have a lot of these features? Quite a few I already have!

"Sample and Loop Packs 18 (> 20Gb) 18 (> 20Gb) 18 (> 20Gb)
External instruments / effects Yes (Yamaha Motif only) (Yamaha Motif only)
Scoring and notation Full Basic Basic
Chord track & Chord Pads Yes Yes Yes
Advanced comping Yes Yes -
Phase-coherent multi-track AudioWarp Yes Yes -
VariAudio pitch correction Yes Yes -
TrackVersions Yes Yes -
Advanced Audio Export Yes - -
Audio Alignment Yes - -
Control Room monitoring environment Yes - "

I think much of this CB 13 release could be hype for that those that are holding out on registering CB 12 so that they’ll be falling into the free CB 13 grace period. lol :smiley:

If they plan 150$ for Cubase upgrade then Nuendo upgrade would be 250$. This would be a clear sign for me that I have to move to other more reasonable DAW.
I am not paying for “new versions” while tons of now legendary bugs are still not fixed.


Cubase is on Splice rent to buy. You dont need a splice subscription for this.

I want absolute. Already have cubase .

its on sale now, only 27.99