Cubase 13 Automation error ( bug? )

Hi ! We all know volume automation in “touch” mode doesn’t work as it should since ages . You need to insert manually a node - automation point with the “initial” value at the end of the track/s automation lane as a workaround to be able to get the correct behaviour ( which is recalling the initial value when leaving the fader - stop recording automation ) … Seems like even the workaround is broken in C13 at least for the time being … you have to insert another second automation point at the start of the “volume” lane this time, otherwise the connection between the values you “produce” by touching the fader and the manually put node with the initial one at the end BREAKS resulting AGAIN in the erratic behaviour of continuing ( after exiting automation recording ) with the last recorded value instead the initial one . Checked it with 2 different systems ( Both Windows 10 )

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