Cubase 13 broke my MIDI Transformer preset

I had a preset in MIDI Transformer that set Value 2 to Value 1, in order to convert aftertouch to mod wheel. In C12 all is well, but when I load the same preset in C13 my Value 2 line now says ‘Use Subtype’ and my preset no longer works.

I can’t even add a line to set Value 2 any more. The parameter no longer exists. And when I try to select ‘Subtype’ from the dropdown it actually selects ‘MIDI Controller No.’. This all looks very broken.

Can anyone help?

Hi @The_Elf

Is it this problem?

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Yep. That looks like it. My symptoms are different, in that the parameters my preset needs to function are gone.

I’m now hoping for a quick fix.

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Right- I am watching this too.

let’s continue in the other thread… I’ll close this in the name of order vs chaos.

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