Cubase 13 bug report: Track Control Settings issue

Hi all, wondered if anyone else has found this problem in the latest Cubase 13 build (13.0.30).
I’m trying to set up my track control settings, get rid of the controls I don’t use like the channel configuration, and add the ones I do use like track freeze. I can do this for say the audio tracks, but when I then change the settings for the instrument tracks, the audio tracks revert back to normal. I’ve made presets for the audio, instrument and group tracks, but can only have one applied at a time because as soon as I apply settings to another track type, the others revert back to normal/basic.
This is really annoying. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?




Do you click OK and reopen the window or do you do it on one go? Just asking to be able to reproduce it.


I do it in one go. If I select my preset for Audio track and click apply, then my settings for Group and Instrument tracks reset

Doesn’t the preset include all of the different track type settings (rather than one preset per track type)?


Could you please make a video?

I was able to reproduce it once. But I’m not able to reproduce it anymore since then.

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I’ve also tried to replicate the problem, but generally the Track Controls have been working fine for me in Cubase 13.0.30 on Win 10 22H2.

However, while working on changing some of my preference settings and also saving them, I also had a brief moment where things appeared to jump back to the defaults.

But then I was able to reload my saved preference and it seemed to return things to normal.