Cubase 13 Bugs

More 13 bugs to report:

  1. If you are using the qwerty screen keyboard for midi input and go to the media browser to pick out, for example a fx plugin. Drag it over to an insert. After this when you go to play the screen keyboard again. It will no longer work until it is closed and reopened from the menu.

  2. This second issue is more pressing. As of a few days ago there is no longer any of the compulsory info showing (as you can see the audio input and output settings which can not be user edited do not show at all.

Help? Pls lol


Of course, the on-screen keyboard switches over to the MediaBay Rack. Therefore you cannot use it as the window.

This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.


Thanks as always Martin, Just posted another fairly major bug

Just to clarify what I meant was after going to the media bay. If I click on the keyboard panel again it will not work. I have to close the panel. And reopen. This is after trying to deactivate the keyboard panel.


Yes, confirmed.