Cubase 13 - Bypass Effect Key Command - Is That a Feature Request?

Hi Guys
We all know that button of “Bypass Effect” next to the on/off of every plugin in Cubase.


After not finding in intuitively I made some research and it seems that actually there’s no way in Cubase to assign a key command to bypass only the insert effect that’s in focus.

Did I miss anything? Did anyone found a workaround to make this happen? I’d really love to avoid clicking it every time, a key command would be much help.


There’s a default binding for Alt+A that refers to a “Activate/Deactivate Focused Object” function. I tried this out and it seems to do the trick, but it may not work on all plugins. Stutter Edit does not respond to the command for me. But it works on everything else in my current project.

Hi, if you create a MIDI Remote, you can assign the parameter Bypass Plug-In to a control as seen in this screenshot:

The cool thing is that by default it follows the currently focused plugin.

Now, externally, using utilities such as the AutoHotKey or Bome MIDI Translator (there are others as well), you can assign a shortcut to the midi message you’ve previously mapped to the bypass parameter.