Cubase 13 can't open backup files

Recently I upgrade to Cubase 13 from 12. However, I can’t use it to open .bak files. By the way, I use Komplete Kontrol S61. When I use its record button on my keyboard, Cubase will crash out.


What happens, if you open the *.bak file, please? How do you try to open it?

Could you attach the *.ips/*.dmp file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

I tried it 2 hours ago and now I can open *.bak file, but the second problem is still not solved. Besides, my Cubase 13 doesn’t give a crash report message, console utility folder doesn’t have, too. When I click record button on my keyboard, rainbow cursor just go round and round, it last for a long time and didn’t disappear.


Do you have any crash/ips file available, please?

I found two ips files, but it looks like unrelated of my problem. Here is it.
Cubase 13-2023-12-01-233907.ips (50.2 KB)
Cubase 13-2023-12-01-234124.ips (50.3 KB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Cubase 13.0.30 has been released. Please, update.