Cubase 13 Can't Read Things From External Drive

I recently updated to Cubase 13 Pro and I can’t open any instruments within Kontakt. I can open Kontakt just fine, but when I try to open a drop-down in the classic view, nothing appears:

Then, when I go to the new view and try to force something to open, I am met with this:

Note that Kontakt is running totally fine in Cubase 11 Pro and Cubase 12 Pro and has no issues running in standalone mode. For whatever reason, it just seems like it doesn’t want to read my external SSD where I keep all my sample libraries. Do I need to enable something to get Cubase 13 to read data from an external drive?

I also checked the Media Bay and discovered that, yes, it would appear to be an external drive reading issue. My computer has no trouble reading this drive, its functioning fine and I can load things from it no problem, so Cubase is just having trouble with it.


How is the external drive formatted, please? Does your Cubase 13 have permissions to access the drive?

Open media bay (F5) select the SSD drive, right click on the selected drive and select rescan drive. Had the same problem few weeks ago.


If I’m not missing anything Kontakt’s library has nothing to do with MediaBay.

Sorry for the delay, went on vacation the day after I posted this.

The drive isn’t formatted at all, I don’t have anything installed on it, it’s only for data. Like I said, works fine with Cubase 12…as far as permissions go though, I’m not sure. Where do I look to check/adjust that?

Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be helping me, though I wonder if that’s related to the permissions thing Martin.Jirsak mentioned.

Never mind, found it. That was definitely the issue, just had to enable Full Disk Access and now it’s working just fine. Thank you!