Cubase 13 - Changing values with mouse wheel

Just to be absolutely certain, are we asking for an all-encompassing solution here? Both for vertical and horizontal scrolling?

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If only it would make you feel safe. It shouldn’t as the post right above yours illustrates. I would feel safety if the yellow and red areas in @ggmanestraki 's image would be green as well. Or is it behaving differently for you, @Crotchety ?

A 100%. No values should ever be changed anywhere in the mixer window (and the channel tab) by the mouse wheel if this option is checked, it should only act as a scroll wheel.


Unfortunately it doesnt work. I was so excited when I heard. But its only in upper area.

Still, most of MixConsole you cannot side scroll to move around quickly. I work in other DAWs and they all allow you to quickly navigate mix window no matter where your cursor is and I find it crucial to workflow.

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Yes, I agree, that’s pretty disappointing. I expected the option to turn off the parameter changes for all controls including faders. I hate this strange mouse wheel behavior which already destroyed some of my mixes by accident. It might be useful in combination with a Ctrl, Alt, or the like, but just moving the mouse wheel is supposed to scroll the corresponding area without affecting any data.

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Already done, for the Ctrl-Wheel option, anyway:

I think it’s behaving the same for me as everyone else. But are we over-complicating this a bit? The only problem for me has ever been accidentally changing slider values in the rack section and it would be an intern’s job to make them respond to Ctrl. Or Ctrl-Shift for fine adjustments. I really don’t think it needs anything more complicated. The Preference newly introduced could be kept for those who want the old C12 behaviour but frankly why would you?

Anyway that me done. Vote as above.


Hello. In Cubase 12 that option :
(Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Change) in Preferences

  • if enabled - you could still changing sends levels by scrolling.

But now in Cubase 13 you can change sends levels by scrolling only if that option DISABLED. It’s not so comfortable for me… because it means that it offers scrolling for all, or scrolling for nothing. It’s better to choose exact parameters for scrolling

This is the reason I don’t use Cubase


I don`t have problems as I have a big monitor and do not need vertical scrolling but I think it might be helpful if we have the option to be able to change values with mouse if a key (shift?) is active or pressed while scrolling and do not make changes if released.

Seriously this is truly stupid. I used Cubase up to 8.5 then went to Pro Tools and just got Cubase again to supplement Pro Tools for some of the really cool features like Midi 2.0 ready, Chord Pads, Sampler Control etc.

But how can such a fundamental issue be ignored in the MixConsole. Scrolling should not effect fader or panning unless mouse is over fader/pan zone and user is holding Ctrl or mouse is over fader/pan zone and user is holding Shift (fine control). Less important but same applies to the Send fader zones.

If there are technical reasons why it cannot be implemented in the short-term then at least make the danger zone i.e. fader and pan zone light up with flashing lights if the mouse is over it or warn the user. This is obviously not a long-term solution and Steinberg need to get this fixed properly.

The scrolling behaviour in the whole mixer zone or at least the bottom half should be to move tracks left or right. Currently you have the bizarre behaviour that when the mouse is over the track name it does not scroll left to right. Some areas scroll some do not. That is weird. I suppose there might be some need to scroll top to bottom in MixConsole as well but I am sure they could work something out, just not have this myriad of different zones and scrolling behaviour.



Regarding my last post on second thoughts, I think it would be best to have the option to completely disable scrolling on all faders, pans and sends in MixConsole.

This is how it works in Pro Tools:

Scolling NEVER effects faders, pan or sends levels.
To adjust fader volume you click on the actual fader button and drag with the mouse. For fine adjustments hold Ctrl, click on the actual fader button and drag with the mouse. The same applies to the Pan and Sends.
Scolling always moves Mix and Edit window up and down if mouse is anywhere within the main workspace/mixer.
Scolling + Shift always moves Mix and Edit window left and right if mouse is anywhere within the main workspace/mixer.

Another problem in Cubase if you accidently click anywhere in the fader zone then the fader jumps to that value. This is a real problem. Pro Tools does not do that you need to actually click on the button and drag it. It does have a reset to 0 by Alt + Click Fader Button but this is always a deliberate action.

There are quite a few modifiers that work with scroll wheel to zoom, increase audio waveform etc. Parameters such as tempo, locators can be adjusted by click on them and then scrolling but you usually get better results by clicking on the parameter and using the up and down arrows or dragging.

Some parameters of plugin and instruments can be adjusted by clicking on the knob and scrolling or hovering over the knob and scrolling so there is some chance of changing a value unintentionally, but I suppose they consider the risk low.

I think the chances of messing up a mix with the scroll wheel or by clicking in the fader zone in Cubase (in the current implementation) is very high unless you become a Zen master in scroll wheel restraint and cursor location awareness.


Perfectly summed up. As much as I don’t like to admit it, but the whole mousewheel behavior is something they should basically just copy over from Pro Tools. It’s well thought out and just works without any annoyances. For those who want to have the old logic it should be left in as an option of course.

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This is just a typical Steinberg approach: Make something half-done and respond “this is how it’s designed”.

It’s plain WRONG. Period. Either the option affects all parameters, or it affects no parameters.

Let’s say I build a car. I create a button that turns off the fan in the coupé. The button says “turn off”. But only the passanger side’s fan is turned off, and there is no way of turning off the driver side fan. Upon raising this issue, the response is “this is how’s it’s specificed” because it’s listed in the manual.

That’s. Not. The. Point. The design was wrong from the beginning.

Fix this, and disable the parameter changes for ALL parameters, bitte.


What you mean, is the scroll wheel in Cubase should work for the purpose that mouse wheels were created for? I’m with you.

Also remember, as well as disabling the scroll wheel on the Channel Faders and Pan, Steinberg need to turn off the mouse click in the Channel Fader zone. If you click anywhere in the zone then the fader jumps to that level. This will have the same affect of stuffing up carefully setup mix similar to unintended changes with the scroll wheel.

You can prevent this by setting in preferences.


You can’t. The Fader and the Panner remain always scrollable.

Yes, you can avoid this by preference setting.

I referred to “klick” - not to “scroll”, so you CAN avoid it.