Cubase 13 - Changing values with mouse wheel

You can prevent this by setting in preferences.


You can’t. The Fader and the Panner remain always scrollable.

Yes, you can avoid this by preference setting.

I referred to “klick” - not to “scroll”, so you CAN avoid it.

Hi Gamelany what is the preference setting to disable jump to click on fader?

Editing / editing controls / slider mode

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Thanks Gamelany changed Slider Mode to Touch which fixed the problem. Cannot believe Jump is the default.

@Martin.Jirsak Since this topic seems to affect quite a lot of users - is there any chance of an official statement how this will be handled in the future? Is it a possibility that this behaviour will be changed or that we will be able to chose the desired functionality as a config option?

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wow am i happy to find this thread. i change values with the scroll wheel all the time and was wondering why this didn’t work on V13. found the preference, thanks y’all…


The preferences setting is the solution.

Just to be sure, I was not referencing the issue with the jumping fader, this is not what is thread was about. My question was directed towards the issue of changing faders with the mouse wheel or rather preventing to be able to do so by implementing a full “Ignore all mousewheel movements except for scrolling and zooming” option instead of the current “50% solution”.

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Yes, and the same for inspector and new channel tab!

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@Martin.Jirsak So I assume correctly that there won’t be any statement regarding the initial issue of this thread? It would be great to know if there are plans to optimise this feature. Right now, it’s a deal breaker for me when it comes to use Cubase for mixing. I could surely live with it for a while - but certainly not forever. If there won’t be any changes, then I would have to go back to my old DAW for mixing. Which would be a pitty but at least some clear communication would take the waiting and guessing out of this decision.


The current specification and implementation do it the way, as it is. That means you can decide by using the given preferences. This setting doesn’t affect the Volume Fader and the Panner. It’s specified this way. So there is no bug, if it’s working this way.

If you wish for another solution, make a new thread, describe your wish and add the optional feature-request tag, please.

I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to talk about any plans publicly.

Personally, I also don’t like this. I would also expect, the preference to enable/disable all controllers equally without any exceptions. But the current specification is like this. Therefore we cannot call it a bug and we have to request a new feature.

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@Martin.Jirsak Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I understand that it’s not a bug, that’s why I tagged this thread as a feature request not as a bug report. Should I still make a new thread? I fear it would be redundant because everything discussed here already explains the issue quite well.

Also: Thanks for admitting that you are not quite happy with it as well, that makes me a bit more confident in believing that I’m not too picky with this feature. :slight_smile:


I’m completely the opposite: I love, love being able to mix with my Logi MX Master 3’s scroll wheel. Makes it a breeze!

But yes, a hard toggle that works for everything and allows me to adjust my send amounts with the mouse wheel like on Cubase 12 would be awesome. I really miss it.

Edit: just to be sure, I checked the preferences and imagine my shock when “disable” was checked! OK, it works for adjusting the sends now. Geez. I wouldn’t have made it off by default, personally. Oh, well. It’s back how I like it.

make sure you don’t have any Logitech (or others) apps controlling the same functionality. Maybe try vesting a button shortcut on the mouse itself to turn the disable mode on and off?

Agreed, it’s so damn excellent, does anyone else vary the colours with the wheel? That’s my favourite ,

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Yeah! I do. Gotta agree. I’m about to get the 3S, looking forward to it. The wheel in clicky mode isn’t perfect, but on the whole, this is the best Windows mouse I’ve ever used. Addictive, really.

But yeah, I still have my CC121 boxed up because I can’t be arsed to use it since this freewheeling mouse wheel is actually a better user experience in general. This ought to be the future. It really should be. I feel like there are so many companies who just happen to nail certain things that I wish they would pay attention to each other and ink deals to promote their products within certain industries and work together to round off all imperfections.

It’s crazy to me that I can mix better with a damn mouse wheel than I can with a motorized fader, but it’s the truth: I’ve gotten really used to this and it’s just a better experience, and much faster. High-end mice ftw. I’m a believer.

i use the mx keys vertical mouse because my hands a rooted from being on the machine so much., so it’s not really intentional but yeah, since i got this mouse (it worked because now it doesn’t hurt to be at the machine, i just don’t really get off it) it’s almost like a bit AI knob. with we could have 8 ai knobs. anyway, good stuff. Given how much we go on about all this controller stuff and get excited, isn’t it weird that almost none of the DAW makers make one? they don’t even make little ones or keyboard orverlays or special mice etc? I don’t know about you guys but if steinberg or reason or apple released a controller specific to their DAW and made a snazzt promo promising me all my troubles were over I’d buy it in a new york minute.

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