Cubase 13 Content installations failing and moves to preferences failing too?

Got these messages after downloading and installing Cubase 13:
“Move [Content] to preferences failed!” for Retrologue 2, Padshop 2, Groove Agent, SE 5, Cinematic Electronic, Analogue Wonder, etc.

I deleted Library Manager content and Library Manager before reinstalling Library Manager.
Then I changed permissions for Download Assistant for ‘admin’ to Read & Write.
I am in the process of reinstalling everything and the “Move [Contents] to preferences failed!” messages are popping up again and this time…
a new problem:

“Installation failed” popups for Retrologue 2 - Content, Padshop 2 - Content, Cinematic Electronic, Analogue Wonder, Midnight Dance - Content Set, Delicatessen…

*^In these popups, it says “The installation has not finished within 10 minutes. The installer was successfully downloaded to the specified target folder. To launch the installer manually, please double-click the installer file.”

What else can I try folks?

does reinstalling create duplicate files? Will I need to go back and delete these things or is it even what’s causing installation failures now, from the slowness?