Cubase 13 content question

hi all, and congrats on C13 !
quick question - if I upgraded from c12 to c13 - should I actually download and install all of the content again? and if not - is there a list or a way to download only new content?
thnx everybody and enjoy

I’ve updated from 12. In the Download manager I’ve find that all dowloaded content were with a green bar. I’ve downloaded only the news. Just updated my Halion One SE to last version aivable. All works fine

thank you.
Tomateck - it shows me no green bar on a content that I do have. thats why I am confused

This is how it appear now. Have you login it to your account in the download assistant? Usually it is required and you must see the new product in the personal product area in the left section.
As you can see, today I’m going to download the Groove Agent content and others for Retrologue and Padshop.
When I’ve installed C13 I’ve installed Verve, Iconica etc…
My library is on the external drive connected all the time

This happens if you’ve deleted the download files or moved them from the directory where Download Assistant puts them to some other location (e.g. an external disk for backing them up while clearing them from your main system).

It’s unfortunate that Download Assistant doesn’t have some other way of keeping track of what is and isn’t installed and up to date. For programs, I check versus Control Panel’s Programs and Features list, but that doesn’t help for the sound libraries.

My internet connection is super fast these days, so I just decided to install everything just in case any of the sound libraries had updates since I’d installed them. That was probably highly redundant. :slight_smile: