Cubase 13 Copy/Paste MIDI Notes Problem

Hello! I just upgraded to Cubase 13 (I’m on Windows 10) and I’m having an issue I haven’t seen before. I have two existing MIDI regions on the same track, and I’m copying MIDI notes from one region to the other. The pasted notes are white/light grey and will not trigger any sounds when I hit play. The odd thing is these notes WILL trigger sounds if I click on them. I’ve verified that they are not muted.

This issue does not happen when notes are played in or drawn, nor does it happen if I copy/paste entire regions.

Thanks in advance,


How exactly, did you Paste? To me, it looks like you didn’t select the other/new MIDI Part before you paste. Therefore you paste it to the original MIDI Part, but out of its boundaries. Therefore there MIDI Note is white.

Well in previous versions all I had to do was ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste, but clearly that doesn’t work in v13.

My procedure is this:

  1. Click on the notes I want to copy, then press ctrl+c.
  2. Dbl click on the new MIDI region so it comes up in key editor, place cursor where I want to paste the notes, then press ctrl+v.

Can you please explain what you mean by ‘select the other/new MIDI part before you paste’? As far as I can tell I am doing this - the new MIDI region is selected and active in the key editor.


I was thinking, both MIDI Parts are shown in the Key Editor.

Is the focus in the Editor, when you Paste? Could you make a screen video recording, please?