Cubase 13 crash, suspect plugin but not sure

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.17 (1.6 MB)
Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.17 (4.0 MB)

Does anyone have an idea what these crash dumps refer to? I have been working on a project without problems, but now it constantly crashes.
I suspect it is a Sonnox plugin as they updated their plugins but I don’t see any reference to that plugin. Seemingly to me it relates to graphics but I have the latest drivers and all other projects seem stable.


Could you please provide more information? What tast did you do? Did it crash only once, or does it crash regularly?


This crash is in:

There is just a few lines of the stack.

This crash is in:

No Cubase or any plug-in is mentioned in any of the DMP files.

it is Sonnox Envolution plugin for sure. I did manage to work quick enough to remove that plugin so now the project is working just fine again. the strange thing is that I was working on the project for about 30 minutes after loading that plugin just fine. It was the next day when loading the project fresh again Cubase would crash within seconds, sometimes creating a dump file, sometimes not

yeah I was thinking it was graphics related from the dump file, but so strange only that project. After working my way backwards I did narrow it down to that plugin Sonnox Envolution.


Then probably the plug-in has a problem with the graphics.

yup, I did write them about it. They just updated their copy protection scheme. I used that plugin for 10 years - no issues :smiley:

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I take it you are using the Sonnox native version? I have the UAD version and have no problem with it … (knock on wood!)

yes native version. they just did an update so I need to get back to the old version (which I deleted)