Cubase 13 Crashes After Choosing "Cancel" When trying to export - logs available


It happened multiple times - I try to export MP3 from a project, than cubase says “a file with this name already exist” and I can choose “create unique name” or “cancel”, after choosing cancel - Cubase immediatly crashes.
Now a weirder thing is that for my understanding, there wasn’t a file in this name. Maybe it happends because the filename is in hebrew? Anyway, a weird behavior.

I have the logs and sent them to steinberg, I’d like to ask here - is it safe to attach them here, privacy wise? I mean, isn’t there private IDs on the machine on the log?
If any admin would ask I’d love to send them privatly, or share them here if it’s confirmed that no private data appears on the log.



Attach the *.ips/*.dmp file, please.

Sent in PM

I am also running into this problem! Real time export seems to be the workaround for now as this only happens with offline export.