Cubase 13 demo - are there any limitations?

I just downloaded and started using the Cubase 13 for my Imac Pro 2018 running Ventura OS (lastest version)

This project is all audio, no midi approx 20 tracks 90 minutes each (live show).
I made a ‘Backup’ version of a project I was doing in C11 to a new folder.
Now I want to check out C13, especially the vocal chain and see if it would improve the sound of the exported mixes.

Demo questions versus fully authorized paid update:

Q. Is it fully functioning application? (able to save, export, etc.)

When I opened up this ‘Backup’ with C13 most of the audio files don’t have the audio pictures of the waves… Instead it says “Image Construction Error”
Same in the pool…
They were fine in C11.

I’ll try exporting again… did I do something wrong or is there a way to tell Cubase to redraw the audio wave forms. I tried trashing the image files, no improvment.

WHen I try to save the project hitting command + s,
I get a warning that says:
The project could not be saved, because:
This operation is not allowed.
The previous version of the project has been left unchanged.

I tried to export the mixes to compare with C11 mixes. and got another error

Unexpected Error

So I guess you can’t save and you can’t export audio mixes… So the demo works up to a point but it’s not fully functional. Is that correct???


It’s fully functional version, with the only limitation of 30 deys of usage.

How is your drive formated, please? Isn’t it ExFat by any chance? Do you have full access with Cubase 13? Access to all drives, permissions to write, etx.?

The only way to force Cubase to redraw the image files is to delete the images folder (or te files in it) of the given project.

To me it looks like Cubase 13 doesn’t have all needed permissions.

You can do this with the Cubase Trial version.