Cubase 13 Direct Offline Processing - Normalize favorite getting reset to -50db Peak

I’ve got a problem with my Direct Offline Process presets / favorites in the new Cubase 13.
All my Normalize processes are getting reset to -50db in my favorites.

They reset after restarting Cubase. They maintain during the session but anything other that 0db Normalize gets set to -50db after the next start-up.

It means having to re-save the favorites
every time. That’s not possible.
I can’t say if this is just affecting Normalize but Cubase 12 is OK.

I’ve raised a ticket about this. It’s a bit of a deal breaker.


I can reproduce it.

Reported to Steinberg, thank you.

It’s also affecting the other built in processes like GAIN as well when you store as a favorite.

It also looks like they’ve reworked the offline engine/structure is some way. It’s significantly less of a background process. Lots of intermittent freezing during the processing of multiple clips compared to 12.
Its working but sluggish and probably unoticable on single clips.
I reported my views on this as well.


Thank you for letting me know. I tried Fade In, which works. So no all processes are affected.

Isn’t it just GUI sluggishness?

I was about to post a separate thread about it, but now I see I’m having a similar, related problem.

I ran into it while saving Pitch Shifting favorites. After I restart Cubase, all “presets” perform the same, default process:

Also checked on Gain, which is why I’m here ;).