Cubase 13 doesn't allow for dragging in audio from the 'Import Audio' or file path window?

There was a little trick I did using previous versions of Cubase:

While the ‘Import Audio’ window is open, and while scrolling through and previewing different audio, I could click and drag an audio file into the sequence, and Cubase would either make a new track or put it on a audio track, similiar to dragging things in normally from a folder/explorer.

OR - I could drag things in from the ‘Choose location and file name’ folder that opens when you click on the file path via the Export Audio Mixdown window.

NOT BEING ABLE TO DO THIS ON CUBASE 13 is a real time waster for those (like me) who have lots of folders. Having to close and re-open the ‘import audio’ window every time I import a sound means I have to start the search from scratch. Not being able to drag in audio from the ‘Choose location and file name’ window means I have to click through my (many) folders to get to the export location of my session and then drag in audio from there.

Is Steinberg able to acknowledge that this is a limitation of Cubase 13, and can you guys can solve it in a update?


Use Media Bay instead?

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Fair point but it is still is an unnecessary limitation…

Are you running Cubase as an administrator ?
Then that’s the reason…

Confirmed and reported.

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