Cubase 13 dragging files into project bug

In Cubase 13, after I drag an audio file (from Splice or Finder) Cubase doesn’t come into focus.
In normal behaviour (C12 and before), after dragging an audio file into Cubase, Cubase will come into focus and take over with the “copy file to project folder” window selected and Finder/Splice will go to the background.
Now I have to select Cubase and then select the popup prompt manually.

Is anybody else experiencing this? It’s making working with Splice really annoying.



What file type do you mean, please?

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Im having a similar problem since C12 (didnt happen in C11 and previous)

When I drop and drag multiple audio tracks (wav files) into the arrangement window, the little chatbox
opens in the background. Took me a minute to find that.
First I thought that my Cubase got stuck - cause it wont react, but you cant see the dialog box.
But for me that change came in between C11 and C12
I dont see a difference in Audio drag/drop import between C12 and C13.
(on Win 10 and Cubase Pro)

Yup. This is the same situation I’m getting (Although I’m on Mac).
I’m talking about dragging in audio files.

In Cubase 12 is worked as expected but in Cubase 13, Cubase stays in the background.

I can make a video demonstrating this later today if it’ll help.

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