Cubase 13 elements crash

Hi, Can this crash dump
Cubase LE AI Elements 13.0.30 64bit2024.4.6 (1.4 MB)
be reviewed and the crash reason be reported back to me please.
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When did it crash, please? What were the last steps you did?

about 2 hours ago. I was just using an impulse response editor (Fen IR) buy Aurora DSP. and it crashed. That’s what I was going in this event. I only had 1 track with monitoring activated. with 3 pre insert plugs and one post insert plug in activated at the time. Note there was no other tracks with plug in’s open. Chances are it was the Fen IR, as it does seem to crash cubase multiple either it freezes when closing, and it can’t be removed at that point so I have to end task cubase to close. I see Fen IR have an updated version of their software, so am downloading that currently.

Regards ,Adrian

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The crash is in the plug-in:


Hopefully the update will fix it.

Thanks for confirming mate