Cubase 13 Export option feature requests

  1. Preference to have a default export folder that overrides the deault in the export dialog. Specifically the following option:

New File default export Folder:
Use the folder setting in the template
Use the following folder : ________ (The same dialog options from the Export dialog - i.e. project mixdown folder etc etc etc

Use case: The export folder is basically whatever the template was saved as so if i have to export to say 10 clients a day and forget once I have to reexport the project multiple times.
The path in the template should perhas an ability to put in a macro say %EXPORT_FOLDER% or something like that so it stays in the template -
right now might be a bug if you set it as “Project Export folder” It exports all the files to the project template directory. Which sucks especially if you forget to set this before a long export.

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I’ve wanted the ability to insert variables (and save) file naming schemes for a long time.