Cubase 13 Export PROBLEMS!

Hey guys
since the new update whenever I try to export it randomly mutes channels .
anyone experience the same thing?

when I try to export one song in Cubase 13 sometimes it works normally and sometimes it randomly mutes channels
if I export few cycle markers it randomly mutes channels .

nothing is muted of course. all routed correctly
same project on Cubase 12 and the export works as expected

does anyone has the same issue ?

what if you start a blank project in 13 and import the Cubase 12 tracks into your blank 13 project? This way there’s no project conversion or anything like that happening.

It’s best to start with a Cubase 12 version of your project that wasn’t opened in 13 and saved. Although, it might not matter. But if you can get a version of your project from a few days ago, that’s probably even better.

The other question is whether this kind of thing happens with a new project in Cubase 13. Probably not, I’m guessing.

Just a thought.

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it was a blank project that and I imported the tracks.
just to make sure I tested on Cubase 12 and the export works as expected
and on Cubase 13. it mutes randomly some channels with no obvious reason why.

do you see those channels muted while it’s exporting, or is it just happening in background?

It your export dialog set to the stereo bus? …as opposed to a group bus?

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export dialog is set to stereo bus
no channels are muted while its exporting
also there is no automation .

one time, I banged my head against the wall for hours until I actually reinstalled the program, rather than just trashing the preferences which is what usually helps.

So, I suggest trashing preferences first (back them up), then try to export… and if no good, reinstall Cubase.

Note: when starting Cubase after trashing preferences, make sure there are no older versions of Cubase preferences in your preferences area. Hide (trash) them all. For instance, Cubase 11 preferences folder. Rename it “Cubase 11 HIDE” or something.

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yea I do the same when weird stuff like that appear
I Just thought might be a good idea to point this strange behavior to the community here before the next update
thank you for your time and effort to help :slight_smile:

yeah, thanks for letting us know. I bought 13, but am using 12 for a while until lots of these little bugs get ironed out. I was experiencing a little hiccup with OPUS from East West that doesn’t seem to show up in 12, or at least I don’t think so. Playing it safe for now.

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I Always update. because it does solve so many other issues
and only the delete the previous version when its safe.

OPUS gives me hell for years as well . sadly I know exactly how you feel

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I have the same problem. Have you checked if you have a channel selected while bouncing? For me, it seems like Cubase 13 does not bounce a channel if it is selected.

hey @OldShoggoth thanks for writing
I just tried to select a channel while bouncing right now (in export range: Multi cycles and locators, separately)
it didn’t mute the channels that I selected while bouncing…

for me it happened randomly when I tried to bounce a bunch of multi cycles markers

for example
the bass was muted only 4 tracks out of 10
even if the bass was selected, still 6 songs had the bass in them

I suggest you on default to do like @shagzulu reminded me as well when cubase acts weird
reinstalled cubase 13 OR delete the preferences

I’m not sure yet if it solved the issue completely but it didn’t happen again since it bamboozled my brain a week ago