Cubase 13 - exporting anomaly

After finishing a mix on a song, I exported as usual…between locators…no special stems. I then closed Cubase, opened Wavelab (W12) and just pressed play to listen. There was the intro for six bars and then when the vocal came in, the first word was missing; it started on the second word of the song. I had no automation on the vocal track so I was surprised. I then did another export and, again, no first word. I checked everything; nothing that I could find. After several different attempts, I then tried to export it by using the marker track ‘cycle marker’ and put it from the start of the song to the end; then used the export dialogue to put the cycle marker in the queue and exported it that way…and it worked…the first word of the vocal was there. Is anyone familiar with this problem or am I doing something wrong. Any help will be appreciated.

Not sure if it’s related, but I have another problem with export:

Sometimes random notes are played on random instruments, even if there is no midi part in range (and they don’t stop playing after midi part comes in).

Export is definitely broken.

Are you using the chord track? The chord track can trigger unintended instruments if it’s not setup / muted .

I suspect that roflantsar is correct about something not being quite right yet. I don’t use midi when mixing; I convert everything to audio tracks; I don’t use the Chord track except in editing, variaudio and things like that. But the export is all audio files. I’m thinking it has something to do with automation, which I use of course. Maybe increasing the buffers? Something isn’t stable. Thanks guys for the input.