Cubase 13 Expression Maps Stuck

The Expression Map Midis are playing different Articulations than specified. Specifically, it’s playing the last Articulation after stopping playback from the beginning. So i have the Legato Articulation on the notes starting out and a Minor Trill on the last note. When i come to play the phrase again it plays them all Minor Trill.

I have seen similar behaviour when building maps myself and trying to create hybrid maps.
You might find that the Expression Map is incomplete or has become corrupted.
Is it a map you have created yourself on your machine or one that someone else has made?

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No actually I downloaded it from a source suggested by the creators (Spitfire). It’s Spitfire’s BBCSO Pro library. It worked perfectly in C12, but it’s very glitchy on C13.

It may be worth deleting those keyswitches and re-dowload and reinstall those keyswitches again. I’m not on 13 so I can only guess something has been corrupted in your prefs if you updated from CB 12.
Might be worth a try tho’ and its not a big download.
Hope you get it working.


Yeah i think its a bug because it was working perfectly. Thanks @sintil8 :pray:t2:

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Where is expression maps in Cubase 13?

It should be in the same place as C12 but there is a new left zone for track visibility. Try toggling the other left zone to find it.