Cubase 13 External Instrument - Can't change MIDI channel in Inspector

I’m trying to change the MIDI channel of an external instrument but there seems to be some kind of bug in the Cubase 13 Inspector.

I’m trying to change the MIDI channel for my Nord Lead
Here you can see it is on channel 2 - I want to change it to channel 3

In Cubase 13 when I click on Channel 2 all I get is this box:

Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 00.17.27

If I click on Any it seems to set it to channel 1 (it’s triggering something else I have on that MIDI port which is on channel 1)
If I click on Nord it goes back to channel 2

In Cubase 12 when I click on the “2” I can choose any MIDI channel.

If I add a MIDI track instead of an instrument track I can change the MIDI channel in that box:

If I add a VST instrument I can change the channel:

This was an imported template from Cubase 12 - the Nord was already set on channel 2
I’ve also tried it with an empty project and added the external instrument - I can’t change the channel.

Unfortunately it looks like I’m going back to 12… I only use external hardware and I need to be able to change the MIDI channels on external instruments.

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I’ve fixed it… I removed all of my External Instruments and MIDI Devices from Cubase and set them up again. (I tested it with one first!)

However during the process I found another bug.

When adding an External Instrument in Audio Connections it can’t see any MIDI Devices you have previously created. However it allows you to create a MIDI Device at the time of creating the External Instrument.

This MIDI device then appears in the MIDI Devices. But when you add another External Instrument it can’t even see this device either.

I have a pool of 12 MIDI Devices already created but when I create an External Instrument I see this:

Hi Mike,
With the MIDI devices you are missing in Audio Connections I think you’ve hit the same thing I did after upgrading to C13. They are somehow hidden.
Try going into VST Plug-ins Manager and see if they are listed under Steinberg as missing. If so, go to the top right arrow menu and remove all missing plug-ins from collection.

It sounds like what my have happened is that the MIDI device definition hasn’t got all the channels included under either ‘identical channels’ or ‘individual channels’.
Perhaps C13 is reading the definition file differently. It probably didn’t get changed in the upgrade.

What do you see if you go to MIDI Device Manager in C13 and click Open Device?
Are all channels listed or just channel 1?
How does this list compare with the same view in C12?

Here’ I took out channels 5-8 from both identical and individual selections for illustration purposes:

When I create the MIDI track, I can still choose channel 5 in the initial creation box and it (incorrectly) creates the track using channel 5 but in the Inspector, channels 5-8 are (correctly) missing from the selection list.