Cubase 13 first impression

Still downloading the additional content, but first impression of Cubase 13 is how much cleaner it looks on the Mac. I really like the channel tab. The purchase and download process has been trouble free so far.


Can someone confirm if the VST2 support has ended in C13 Pro (Mac)? I have tons of UAD-plugins that are not (at least yet) been updated to VST3.

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I think the graphics are a set backwards to be honest , It’s all a bit of a jumble , loads of vivd lines around the inserts for the control room but naff all to be able to tell the difference between faders on the mixer , honestly i think it’s a mess


Maybe until the eyes adjust for me, text looks smaller than on v12, but cleaner at the same time.
Buying it wasn’t a problem, activated quickly too, so well done Steinberg.
Maybe one recommendation for the future which I believe Steinberg will implement is when buying, is to prompt you to logon if you have an account (which I did) so it all uses one account instead of entering the details.
Now it’s a case of testing it out and finding the bugs, which I have already, could be just my setup.


The new graphics are a mess. Inconsistent font sizes and weights. And just some plain glitches…the ‘e’ on the edit button is actually squashed/corrupt.

The new ‘improved’ windows handling results in having the main file menu on top of the main arranger window AND at the top of the mixer window. (When running the mixer and arranger as separate windows…F3).
Was this really the best Steinberg could do? Do you do UAT on windows…or just Mac?

The Mac experience (looking at Dom’s video) looks much cleaner.

That said, it’s clear that a lot has changed and maybe the Windows user experience will improve over time.


You get this when starting it for the first time:

So, Rosetta you still have VST2 support, Native Silicon is just as per C12 where only VST3 are supported.

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