Cubase 13 fonts

New fonts look terrible, too small, too bold and difficult to read.
Also I wish there was an option to change white letters on black background back to black letters on light background, just as before.
It’s not just the matter of taste, the way Cubase 13 is now literaly makes me sick.


I agree that at least in the Inspector the font is too bold. If you expand, for example, the inserts then the font used for the names of the plugins is clearly better to read.

In the Project windows I find it less of a problem. In the mix console, using a different less bold font probably also helps.

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Is that the look of the Inspector in C13?
Not good.
Uniform and illegible…


It should be option to choose, really!
That fonts not good at all


and it manual fonts look thinner!

Yes, option to use at least regular instead of bolt would be appreciated !


I believe this partly an OS related matter. Cubase is using a font that is specifically related to the OS. This means, I can’t confirm right now, that the fonts may differ depending on whether you’re on Windows or MacOS.

@sempondr What operating system are you using?

For consistency, Steinberg should consider the creation of their own custom typeface in order to control these variables. For example, Ableton commissioned the development of their own, official, “Ableton” typeface.

it’s appalling. designers at steinberg have conspired to take the hands down best DAW and produce a dog’s breakfast. i only hope the recent steinberg mailout feedback reflects user disapproval and that head’s roll alongside a rapid fire return of better fonts and 3d styling. 13 is an abomination in appearance and upgrade features,.


Totally agree with you. It’s horrible…


It’s not great looking is it? I usually upgrade every version but the fonts etc are putting me off doing something to be honest. Maybe 14 will address this?


I hope not.
The font sizes and fonts of the Inspector should be cleaned up in the 13 version as soon as possible !


just trying cubase 13 this font is awful . is it possible to change this font?. it’s a deal breaker on the upgrade for me its unusable in osx I, I may have to stick with cubase 12 and its bugs (the only reason im upgrading) no response from tech support 27 days on


Career designer here with corporate and visual background. Seeing some great points in this thread, and am a recent upgrader to version 13. I was awestruck by how many rough edges are in the updated UI , there are objectively quite a number of problems impacting legibility and effectively the accessibility of the product. Passing along some feedback here, happy to go into more detail if it’s helpful:

  • Small, bold fonts - this is a notorious combo that can actually cause severe legibility issues for non-western locales.

  • Too many unique font styles creates friction and reduces usability. There appear to be 9 separate styles in the Hub, and around 14 styles in the main workspace (perhaps more if a full audit were performed.)

  • Misalignment to MacOS, no matter the type of display I’m using, fonts are so small it seems out of place for the OS.

  • Lack of personalization options for DPI scaling, font size, etc.

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The UI could be a lot clearer to read in places and intuitive to follow.

Gets my vote.

Regards to all.