Cubase 13 freez when I open this plug-in

Hello Cubase members,
I recently purchased the MiniBrute V VST and installed it in my VST folder
After activating the liscense, I opened my Cubase 13 and opened the Plug-in. However, a white screen appears and freezes my Cubase… I don’t understand because when I open it without Cubase (only MiniBrute V), it works,
However, I checked that the VST was installed in x64, and I nevertheless installed it in the right folder.
What happens?
I have other Vsts like Analog Labs 4, Piano V2… and they all work…

Just as a point of reference, MiniBrute V works fine under Cubase Pro 13.0.40 for me on Windows 10. My system isn’t exactly state-of-the-art – it’s one I built in 2014 with an Intel i7 5820k CPU, 16 GB RAM, and NVidia GeForce GT 640 graphics card.

My main thought would be to try uninstalling MiniBrute V then installing it again to see if that makes any difference, in case somehow the plugin version didn’t install correctly. A secondary thought would be to wonder about system specifics, in case there is some performance- or configuration-related threshold you’re running into when adding Cubase to the equation compared to what the standalone version of MiniBrute V takes up.