Cubase 13 freezes while loading channel

I have seen similar posts about this issue regarding earlier versions of Cubase but not 13. It will sometimes decide it won’t open my projects, which were created on the same version. The key word is “sometimes”. But when it happens, I could force quit and try to open again and repeat and it just won’t open. If I will disable the third party plugins it will load, and then if I quit Cubase and open again with third party plugins enable it will finally open the project. So it feels like there is just something wrong with how Cubase is loading into the cpu, as it will sometimes open that same project without any problems from the beginning.

What can I do other than removing plugins from the plugins folder and putting them back vendor by vendor? Will uninstall and reinstall help?

Cubase 13.0.30
macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 Apple M2 Max

Hi JonaRous,

Locate the Cubase Preferences folder in Library\Preferences\Cubase 13.

Inside this folder, you will find a file named “Defaults.xml”.
This file contains many of Cubase’s default settings. I noticed it was corrupted, so I deleted it and Cubase recreated it from scratch.

I modified Cubase parameters, such as the number of colors, the transport bar configuration, etc.
I exited Cubase and compressed the Defaults.xml file into a ZIP, so if it fails again, I can delete it and decompress my copy.

Check if this works for you, it did for me.

Best regards,
Carlos M.

Don’t forget the audio and Control Room settings if you use them, configure everything necessary in the Cubase environment. Exit Cubase and make a copy of the Defaults.xml file in a ZIP archive.

Best regards,
Carlos M.

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Thank you for your input! I will try that and check in the next few days to see if the problem persists. I will let you know! Many thanks! :smiley: