Cubase 13 Global Workspace

Getting strange workspace numbering on screen.
I have my first global workspace named as “MAIN” when selected it does as it should showing mixer console 1 and shows as (G1) in the arrange window however on the mixer console it shows as (G2). This gets more bizarre when I start selecting other global workspaces. The configuration is always correct but the G numbers appear to be random.

Just noticed change a workspace and no longer get asterisk indicating a change has taken place. !!

OK couple of days more in. Now main arrange page no longer shows current ws at the side of “Workspaces” in top menu but does on mixer page top menu.
As stated previously selected workspaces are showing correctly however the menus are all over the place.

Do you have pictures? They’ll help you understand.

OK still persisting after 13.0.20

Here you can see G1 is selected but Workspace in project menu shows G2 is selected while Workspace in mixer menu shows G3.

Anyone ? any ideas please.