Cubase 13 grace period

According to this link:

Cubase 13 Release Notes | Steinberg

Grace period for v13 starts on 23rd of August.

I’ve upgraded my v12 Artist to v12 Pro in mid-September, so am I eligible for anything? I almost bought the upgrade to v13 just now, but perhaps I should wait for some offer?

Hi antic604,

Just check the voucher tab within your MySteinberg account. :wink:



Oh man, thanks!!! :astonished: :heart_eyes: :love_you_gesture:

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I just bought Cubase 12 Pro on September 20th, I don’t have a voucher item in My Steinberg account.

@Tran_Quang_Huy, you transferred your Cubase license from one Steinberg ID to another in the middle of September. If you can provide us with proof of purchase for your original Cubase 12 purchase that shows it was bought or first activated after August 23, 2023, we can provide you with a grace period update. However, if you first activated your license before that date, you are not eligible. Please feel free to contact me directly via a direct message on the forum with the necessary proof of purchase.

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I purchased Cubase Elements 12 on 24th of September 2023.
The grace period for v13 starts on 23rd of August.
I followed the instruction to upgrade.
Steinberg Acticvation Manager indicates my Cubase Elements 12 is activated.
However, when I do a “Gace period check”, it says “No Licenses Found”.
I don’t know what I missed…

Go to your Steinberg account and check the Vouchers page here.

OK, thank you, it worked!

I bought the upgrade from Cubase pro 11 to pro 12 in Aug, 30 2023.
So according to the Grace period rule I should have a free Cubase Pro 13 license, but until now there’s no voucher under the Vouchers area.
I requested a support (with all the documentation) concerning this and the answer was to me a little confused.
They responded in brief “you will have a Voucher available in your MySteinberg account”, but until now ,I have not.

Is this normal?

Should I wait more time?

Thank you


I am not currently able to see any vouceher on my account. The licences were activated on the 13th of September. Does the grace period also apply to Education multi-seat licences?