Cubase 13 - gripes

Cubase 13.0.20 Pro
13th Gen i9-13900H, 2600 Mhz, 14 Cores, 6 full 8 efficient, 20 logic processors
Windows 11 Pro

This is supposed to be professional software and I’ve lost DAYS effing around with this. There are droupouts when I render! WTF!

Glitchy as hell…I’ve been using Cubase since Cubase 4 and every version seems to get worse.

Also, where are the editing options like VariAudio when I open up sample editor?


And Now that I got the new update the program won’t load saying that a skin is missing and the GUI resources arent there.


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It’s really quite bad. Actually getting music done with this program has become so difficult I really want to throw in the towel sometimes. Maybe it’s time to simplify and just embrace Ableton or something. Sure, I’ll be missing features, but maybe I’ll find myself lost in, oh, I dunno, MAKING MUSIC again rather than hanging out on forums trying to figure out why I keep getting audio glitching, crashes, etc. and hearing all the same lame excuses and corporate fanboy defensiveness I always hear.

C’mon, Yamaha… if anyone is listening, right this ship. Enough is enough!

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Maybe I could’ve gotten my point over with a little more finesse…and I opened up 12 and did what I needed to do…still somewhat glitchy…but not smooth enough.

its pants

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I think it’s understandable at this point. I don’t want to sound this frustrated, but after weeks of this and hoping that 13 would somehow be better than 12 which was in my experience also far from great, I just can’t hold back any longer. This entire industry needs to change and refocus on the basics. This mad rush to out-feature each other is destroying the user experience.


My gripe is Steinberg knowing how frustrated we are but still go by their planned date releases , it was totally different in C12 with the new Lego Midi Remote , two screams of "my legos broken "and it was fixes within a week … PIANO ROLL note alinement , the very thing Steinberg made their name with ?? 3 MONTHS to fix .
Some people seem to think all this will washout but not for me . C12 was a trail to see id the swap over to the new system would weald good results , all it has done is cost me time and a LOT of money . 2012 to 2022 cost me ZILTCH computer wise 2022 to 2023 has cost me a bloody fortune just because of one update !

Not good Steinberg


Oh man, I remember that piano roll alignment issue. That was driving me up the wall. And the MIDI Remote still filters my Montage’s SysEx, which is an acknowledged bug that they still haven’t addressed, so I have to turn it off whenever I want to use the Montage. Major PITA.

Steinberg needs to hire more and better engineers to get their program sorted and STOP with the new features and major updates till it happens. Get Big Daddy Yamaha to front them the money if needed. Just do something, because the current state of affairs is a major drag.

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I feel your pain… I’m actually new to Cubase for the most part. Tried it when I was a bit younger as it was VERY overwhelming to even look at. But now, years later, I thought to myself, “her I’m an accomplished musician now. I’ve made records, I’ve toured, I have a random fan in Germany…” You know, the basics.
So I figured, it’s time to put my professional musician pants on & use what’s supposedly a professional DAW so I can start pre-production on my own & be productive. So I downloaded the trial version of Cubase 13 and the first week or so was FANTASTIC. The exploration alone felt invigorating. It was quite liberating writing & producing a full track on my own without having to enlist the help of engineers, etc.

Fast forward, to week 2 & it’s been an absolute poopies show. Since there seems to be no existing DAW that has good stock guitar sims or plugins, I was forced to go outside of the cubase ecosystem to explore a good sounding guitar sim. Downloaded the Roots guitar sim from ML labs and have been experiencing nothing but problems ever since. I’m getting clipping on everything, all of the sudden, even when my levels/gain staging is showing no clips or dropouts.

I was completely sold on Cubase until this happened and was totally prepared to dish out the money for the pro version. It really sucks that you have to be a full blown engineer to make decent sounding art. There’s literally nothing more uninspiring than dealing with these tedious little problems.


It’s a very, very deep program, and at this point I’d consider myself fairly advanced, but naturally there are still features I don’t and will likely never use because of the kind of music I make. I’m very, very heavy on the MIDI, but also very heavy on the effects plugins and audio processing now. Cubase shines in some areas in both.

But it has a real cruft problem: there are some things that are so needlessly cumbersome and arbitrarily limiting that it’s hard to justify not branching out at this point. I own Ableton Suite, have since… version 5? I’m pretty sure that was it. But I’ve used it mostly for live work, dumping my stems and even tracks for hybrid DJ sets into it. Works a treat. But it’s just not historically been nearly as powerful as Cubase. I’m ready to dive back in and exploit it for all its worth, though, because comfy as it is to me by now, it remains… well, I don’t need to rehash what I’ve been through. It’s all out in the open.

Appreciate your comment and sincerely wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors. It’s an exhilarating, awesome, and often maddening software ecosystem we have to work with now. Been at this a while. DM me if you’re looking for plugin recs: my folder of commercial plugins is sitting at around 12 or 1300 now (and not everything’s installed). I know, I know…

I’m always happy to help sincere seekers around the many pitfalls that’ve bitten me over the years. The music game ain’t an easy one, but tenacity pays off.

“Work smarter, not harder” is so, so applicable here. I’m just hoping for software to eventually help me do that in a rock stable, intuitive, and blazing fast way. Time is money and we ain’t got nearly as much of it as we assume we do when we’re young.


I will certainly keep in touch man, I appreciate you. So far, this forum has been very welcoming. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous reaching out since I’m such a noob! Cool people like yourself make this community worth coming back to. :metal:

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Really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Hats off to you for helping out, you’re one of the good guys. :+1:

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