Cubase 13 / HALion 7 not loading audio files of older cubase projects

Hi all. I’ve upgraded to Cubase Pro 13 and HALion 7 on a new MacBook and having a nightmare with legacy issues.
Firstly in previous versions of Cubase from the old MacBook when audio files couldn’t be found you located the audio folder and selected a missing file. Cubase would recognise that all the other missing files were in the same folder and would prompt to load the other missing audio files too. But 13 doesn’t do that. You get three choices. Browse for file. Browse folder and search options. None of which recognise that all the other missing files are there in the same audio folder. All has to be done singly. Messy if you’ve lots of audio files.
Might anyone know if there’s a way to batch select all of them?

Also has any users of HALion 7 noticed it won’t upload files created in earlier versions? For instance I sampled my piano and fed all the notes into HAL 5. HAL 7 won’t load it. I tried to redownload 5 but there’s an issue there too…